To the world of slope best binary traders in india sailplanes, as presented by California Sailplanes.com.

It's Fast, Fun and no Fuel needed !!!

Soaring a radio controlled model sailplane along the crest of a hill, riding on the wind and the rising ocean of air, has been enjoyed for many years by people of all ages in all parts of the world.

California Sailplanes has evolved to the point of having the largest selection of virtually indestructable EPP foam slope sailplanes available binary options legal in india. Nobody comes close to the quality and value of our planes.

We only carry airplanes that represent the best value, are great flying planes, are extremely durable, use the highest quality components, and have the most complete easy-to-understand instructions.

While many try to imitate our products, we have the original race and speed contest proven designs.

If you are just getting started, click on "Slope Flying #101" to the right. It is good basic information.

Also, please visit our "Videos" section binary trading platform in india, there is some good fun flying there !!!

Enjoy !!, and have fun flying....


The EPP Foam Story



Top 5 Products of theMonth


1) Redback EPP

2) U2

3) Electron 60

4) Eraser 60

5) TA-152











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