Getting a pro EPP foam airplane finish:

NOTE: This will add weight, so use your judgment. For lighter planes omit the second Minwax / talc process in step 5.

1) Sand off the plane (after shaping) with 220 grit wet or dry sandpaper.

2) Mix up a mixture of Minwax waterbased Polycrylic (clear semi-gloss) and talcum powder until it is like a runny pudding.

3) Paint the whole plane with that mixture, let it dry for two hours, sand it off. Vacuum and wipe with a tack cloth. Repeat if you need to fill more to make it smooth.

4) Spray a light coat of 3M77, let it dry an hour. Apply the reinforcing tape, if you are going for perfection iron it smooth with you iron set on low.

5) Sand off the "shiny" portion of the tape, wipe clean with acetone (avoid the foam) Repeat the Minwax / Talc process again until completely smooth and no tape joints visible.

6) Spray another very light coat of 3M77, let dry an hour.

7) Read the Ultracoat or Solartex instructions and pay special attention to the iron temperatures. Get a thermometer and make sure it is correct. If you are using color tape for covering it can be ironed at a low temperature.

8) Cut the covering, peel off the backing, and give it a light dusting of 3M77 on the back.

9) Apply the covering as per the directions, and seal every edge with thin CA. Use a fingertip inside a small sandwich bag to protect your finger.

10) After covering, get a spray can of the Polycrylic or use a spray gun if you have one. Give the wingtips and nose a couple of coats. If using Solartex, paint with Krylon spray enamel. Works Great !!!

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