Lockheed F-104 Starfighter...


  • Wingspan -38"
  • Length - 52"
  • Weight - 42oz.
  • Airfoil - S3016 or S3021
  • Wing Area 338" Sq.
  • Wing Loading 18oz/sq ft
  • Radio Needed : 3ch (ailerons,flaps,elevator)
  • Wind Needed - 15mph
  • Level - Advanced

    Kit Includes:

  • Molded glass fuselage

  • Integral molded fin
  • Foam wing cores

  • Balsa wing sheeting

  • Balsa tail

  • Basswood leading edge
  • Vacuum formed clear canopy

  • Vacuum formed jet nozzle

  • Wing and tail joining hardware
  • Instructions with color pics
  • Tip tanks included

  • Items required to complete:

  • 3 Channel Radio Control (preferably programmable)

  • Basic tools; knife, drill

  • Threaded rods, and links
  • Pushrods,
  • Adhesives
  • Lost Model Alarm


  • F-104 Video


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    The F-104 Starfighter is the result of many months of development by Stu Maxwell (Stumax) a top Australian designer. Stu's was a designer on the F3D pylon racer that won the last 2 World Championships.

    Each kit is entirely handcrafted and is an accurate scale model of the original F-104, one of the coolest planes ever designed.

    This kit can be built by anyone with some basic experience in fiberglass PSS slope gliders, but is not recommended for beginners. A computerized radio is also highly recommended. Crow mixing (flaps and ailerons) is recommended for landing.

    The plane is designed for high-lift and strong wind locations. The S3016 (thinned to 6.5%) airfoil is a thin and fast airfoil.

    For lighter wind or lift, the designer recommends choosing the S3021 (9.5%) airfoil, and concentrating on building a very light plane.

    To download and view the F-104 manual (MS Word) click the manual photo on the lower right.

    Here is my completed F-104 Starfighter (Italian Air Force):