Redback Pro... ........ ..( NOTE: OUT OF STOCK TEMPORARILY)

  • Wingspan - 59.6"
  • Length - 35.4"
  • Weight - TBA
  • Airfoil - Modified RG15 8% thickness
  • Radio Needed : 2ch (3 micro servo)
  • Wind Needed - 10mph
  • Level Intermediate

    Kit Includes:
  • Epoxy Glass Fuselage
  • Pre-sheeted computer cut wings.
  • Pre-sheeted V-tail HN315S 6%
  • V-tail horns installed
  • Photo Instruction Manual
  • Materials Required:

  • Minimum 2 ch radio (3 micro servos)
  • Basic Tools
  • CA and Epoxy Glue
  • Solartex or other covering for wing


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    In mid 2002, we wanted to build a high performance, composite 60 inch pylon racer. In order to test our theories and designs, we decided to use EPP simply because it was quick and easy. CNC cut the wing cores, goop in the carbon spars, tape and fly. This method allowed us to tweak the design and test fly it very economically and quickly.

    We decided to benchmark the EPP version to fly as fast as a commercially available 60 inch "crunchies", simply because if we can get the EPP version to keep up with these crunchies, imagine what it would be like when we build a composite version. The composite Redback was temporarily delayed as we were kept busy with worldwide demand for the Redback EPP.

    Almost 18 months into the project, the 60 inch composite Redback is finally available to the public. It's been tested and further refined and now comes with an even thinner airfoil.

    The Redback PRO features a very strong and light weight in-mould painted epoxy glass fuselage. The wing cores are CNC cut and comes pre-sheeted with aircraft grade 3-ply birch veneer. The birch veneer/foam sandwich construction produces one of the stiffest wing for it's class. It is virtually twist free and uses a modified RG15 airfoil. The V-tail comes pre-sheeted with 3-ply birch veneer as well and uses a fully symmetrical airfoil with a 6% thickness.

    This is the perfect model for those who wish to enter the composite scene without having to spend a fortune. You can just varnish the wings and go fly. You can cover it with your favorite iron-on film or even cover it with a thin layer of glass. Whatever covering method you choose, you can be assured that the Redback PRO is designed to go FAST !.