P-39 Airacobra Combat Slope Plane...

  • Wingspan - 48"
  • Wing area 428"
  • Wing Loading 8-10oz/ft^2
  • Radio: 2ch w 3 servos
  • Wind Needed - 8mph
  • Level Beginner/Intermediate

    Kit Includes:

  • CNC Cut EPP Wing Cores (R & L)
  • EPP Fuselage, Balsa Ailerons
  • Coroplast Vertical & Horiz Stabilizer
  • 1/4 x 24 Carbon Fiber Longeron
  • 1/4 x 24 Carbon Fiber Wing Rod (2x)
  • 2-56 x 12 Threaded Rod & Control Horns
  • Detailed Instructions with detail diagrams


    Items required to complete:

    • 5/8" fiber reinforced strapping tape
    • 2" fiber reinforced strapping tape
    • 1/2" plastic hinge tape (3M plastic tape works well)
    • 3M 77 spray adhesive
    • 20 minute epoxy
    • Goop adhesive
    • Covering material (Solartex)
    • Radio w/ 4 cell 600 ma pack
    • 3 servos & "y" connector for wing serovs
    • Micro Receiver (Hitec Super Slim or equivalent)
    • Various tools, sandpaper, wax paper , etc.




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    We've leveled the playing field against those ugly wings! This plane is designed for combat.

    As most seasoned combat pilots learn, the best way to take out a Scale Warbird is to hit him in rear and knock off his tailfeathers. This is not the case with the P-39 version of Scale Combat. The carbon fiber longeron makes the tailfeathers virtually indestructable.

    Another advantage wings have had is their quick recovery from a hit. The P-39 Combat has a light wing loading allowing the plane to recover at slower speeds. This means less altitude lost in a hit.

    The P-39 is fully aerobatic and will fly in a variety of wind conditions. the manual is excellent, and the plane is easy to build.