Electron DS60 (SuperTron Edition)...

  • Wingspan - 60"
  • Wing area 415".
  • Wing Loading 15-20oz/ft^2
  • Radio: 2ch w/mixing , or Digimix II
  • Wind Needed - 15mph
  • Level Intermediate/Advanced

    Kit Includes:

  • CNC Cut EPP 1.9 Wing Cores (R & L)
  • EPP 1.9 Fuselage,reinforced Balsa Elevons
  • Coroplast Vertical Stabilizer
  • Super Spar Cap System
  • 1/4 x 36 Carbon Fiber Wing Rod
  • 1/8 x 1/2 x 36 Basswood Wing Spar (4x)
  • Sper Span Loading Bars
  • 1/2 x 30ft Fiberglass Tape 
  • 1
  • /2 i.d. x 12 Brass Ballast Tube (pre-drilled wing cores) 
  • 2-56 x 12 Threaded Rod & Control Horns
  • Detailed Instructions with detail diagrams Sailplanes


    Items required to complete:

    • 5/8" fiber reinforced strapping tape
    • 2" fiber reinforced strapping tape
    • 1/2" plastic hinge tape (3M plastic tape works well)
    • 3M 77 spray adhesive
    • 20 minute epoxy
    • Goop adhesive
    • Covering material (Solartex)
    • Radio w/ 4 cell 600 ma pack
    • Micro servos (HS225MG)
    • Micro Receiver (Hitec Super Slim or equivalent)
    • Various tools, sandpaper, wax paper , etc.

    Electron Videos

    Electron Review

    Optional Items

    Ballast kit $21.99


    Battery 1800 ma NiMh $19.99


    Extra Fuselage $11.99



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    World's Fastest Foamie.....

    207 MPH 10/1/2005 radar verified!!

    Castle Ridge, Boreal CA off Hwy 80 towards Tahoe.

    I talked with Dennis at 1 p.m. They had gotten to the parking area and headed up to 8600 feet by foot."

    Second call an hour and a half later. Dennis all pumped up. Norm Mertke of Tuffplanes just cranked 167 with his "Supertron".Next call in 10 minutes Norm did 184, 197, and they radared him at 207.

    The Electron 60 DS is an extremely fast, responsive and durable model. It was designed to meet the challenges of Dynamic Soaring. Unballasted it can be flown in medium lift conditions. Fully ballasted it can take gale force winds! Cruise it around on the front side and amaze people with the roll rate and maneuverability or hit the dual rates and take it into the dark side for some insane DS style speed. This model has regularly been flown in excess of 100 MPH.

    The Electron 60 DS has excellent energy retention and turning ability for all styles of performance flight. Internal ballast tubes (provided) make it easy to add weight for extra speed and penetration. Weights (sold seperately, or make your own) slip in easily from the top.

    Quotes from Electron fliers....

    RZ (CA)-"This thing is the fastest piece of foam I've ever flown"

    WG (Australia)- 10/2003 " Well guys, today was a great day for DSing. The Electron clocked 159 km/h (about 99.5 mph) with several passes visibly faster that weren’t picked up by the radar. There is no doubt the Electron exceeded 100mph. And that’s with NO BALLAST and in only 15 knots!!!!!!!!

    The stability at speed is awesome and the turns are just insane! This thing bangs turns better than I had hoped. Top and bottom turns were so tight I gained massive acceleration on the exits. All I can say is that it’s a dream to DS and it has much more speed left in it. There was no sign of flutter and the plane flew with stability and precise control. It’s a bit like flying a composite model.

    One thing I must say is that it flies inverted quite well. With only a small amount of down elevator I have pulled outside loops and done very low inverted speed passes with excellent control."

    JW (CA)- "In Dynamic Soaring it is a stable and very fast plane that holds it's energy extremely well in circles. I have DSed it several times at Mission Ridge in Fremont California and Coyote Hills in Newark, CA. I also fly a Bluto and a Moth and usually take all three toys with me for DS trips. ...the Electron is the fastest and definitely the most exciting to fly, not for the faint of heart."

    BC (HI) 8/2003 “The only other plane that flew with me on the maiden flight was a Leading Edge Gliders Stingwing. The Electron smoked it like it was standing still. The Stingwing was not a real clean build and it was under-loaded for the strong winds we had that day. Still the Electron is way faster.”

    “I flew with my buddy Steve who has a perfectly built and heavily ballasted Bluto 56. I consider the Bluto 56 to be the standard for high performance EPP wings. Nothing else made of EPP I have ever seen can touch it on a good day at Kahakuloa. Ask D.S.how impressed he was with Steve's Bluto when he was here.”

    ”Well, the Bluto has met it's match. I was consistently able to squeeze out a few more yards on the verticals. I could accelerate faster and beat the Bluto on the way back down. Top speed was very close, but the Electron had a slight performance edge over the Bluto. Whohoo! Steve was amazed and maybe a little disappointed. He didn't think anyone was ever going to dethrone his Bluto as the EPP speed king.”