Eraser 48 Sport...

  • Wingspan - 48"
  • Length - 31"
  • Weight - 21oz.
  • Airfoil - Selig 3016
  • Radio Needed : 2ch (ailerons,elevator)
  • Wind Needed - 8mph
  • Level Beginner/Intermediate

    Kit Includes:
  • Computer EPP Wings,& Fuselage.

  • All Hardware, spars etc

  • Balsa Ailerons

  • Coroplast Tailplane & fin

  • Color Covering & 2" Bi-Directional Reinforcing tape

  • Photo Instruction Manual

  • Special Adhesive for EPP

    Items required to complete:
  • 2 Channel Radio Control set or maybe just 2 Servos

  • A few tools; knife, drill & 3M77 Spray Adhesive

  • Batteries for Radio Control, use either Nicads or Dry Cells

  • Lost Model Alarm & Extra Roll Color Tape or Solartex

    Eraser 48 Sport Video


    Eraser Review


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    The Eraser is one of the finest models we have ever designed. For the Eraser we designed a new wing plan-form, matched it with the Selig 3016 airfoil, designed an aerodynamic, low profile fuselage and best of all – made it from EPP.

    Designing and building models is fun and satisfying, especially so when our new models look and fly great first off. We are absolutely delighted with the Eraser. We wanted this model to be attractive, aerobatic, light and able to fly in a wide variety of conditions, yet still suitable as a first model. We also wanted to make it as easy as possible to assemble. The wings and fuselage are cut by a computer controlled hotwire. All the parts key together perfectly. Servo, battery and receiver mountings are precut for standard size radio gear. Not a lot left to do!

    This Eraser is perfect for learning to fly, it is easy to fly, flies in wind from about 8mph upwards and has no bad vices. EPP construction makes the Eraser virtually indestructible, just as hard as you can crash it, it will just bounce back for more, this gives you a lot of confidence to carry on learning, rather than have to go home and rebuild your model - and confidence is what it takes to learn fast.

    Knock flying wings out of the air ........ Eraser literally "ERASES" the competition. It carries more energy, flies faster and recovers faster than conventional wings.

    Mid-air collisions no longer end your day's flying. Chase your friends around the sky!
    The Eraser will survive and conquer the competition -- be they plane, tree, or earth. Assembly time 5-10 hours over 3 days.

    Day 1; Read the instructions! Glue the spars into the wing, cover the wings, install radio gear in the fuselage and attach the tailplane.

    Day 2; Cover the fuselage. Glue on the wings, leave over night

    Day 3; GO FLY!!!!!!!