Eraser 60 Racing...

  • Wingspan - 60"
  • Length - 35.4"
  • Weight - 28oz.
  • Airfoil - CS ER
  • Radio Needed : 2ch (ailerons,elevator)
  • Wind Needed - 10mph
  • Level Beginner/Intermediate/Expert

    Kits Include:
  • Computer EPP Wings,& Fuselage.

  • All Hardware, spars etc

  • Balsa Ailerons

  • Coroplast Tailplane & fin

  • Color Covering & 2" Bi-Directional Reinforcing tape

  • Photo Instruction Manual

  • Special Adhesive for EPP

    Items required to complete:
  • 2 Channel Radio Control set or maybe just 2 Servos

  • A few tools; knife, drill & 3M77 Spray Adhesive

  • Batteries for Radio Control, use either Nicads or Dry Cells

  • Lost Model Alarm & Extra Roll Color Tape or Solartex





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    This neat new model is derived from the very successful Eraser 48 Sport, of which we have sold several thousand models

    We upsized the Eraser for the local racing series in New Zealand, the new model performed very well in the hands of Jonathan Wilson and Rob Condliffe, Jonathan winning the last round and placing well in the series. We are so pleased with the flight performance we decided to kit the model for all to enjoy.

    Compared to the original Eraser this new version is faster and smoother to fly, it holds energy well, yet can be flown slowly by a beginner. Being All EPP it can take the knocks!