Northrop F-20 Tigershark...

  • Wingspan - 39.25"
  • Length - 35.25"
  • Weight - 21oz.
  • Airfoil - JW
  • Radio Needed : 2ch (ailerons,elevator)
  • Wind Needed - 11mph
  • Level Beginner/Intermediate

    Kits Include:
  • Computer EPP Wings, & Fuselage.

  • All Hardware, spars etc

  • Balsa Ailerons

  • Coroplast Tailplane & fin

  • Color Covering & 2" Bi-Directional Reinforcing tape

  • Best Instruction Manual
  • Available
  • Special Adhesive for EPP

    Items required to complete:
  • 2 Channel Radio Control set or maybe just 2 Servos

  • A few tools; knife, drill & 3M77 Spray Adhesive

  • Batteries for Radio Control, use either Nicads or Dry Cells

  • Lost Model Alarm & Extra Roll Color Tape or Solartex


  • F-20 Videos


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    REVIEW 11/2003

    “If I had to choose one word to summarize the Canterbury Sailplanes F-20 slope glider it would be “striking”. It’s aggressive look and smooth flight characteristics make this plane a joy to own and fly.”

    The F-20 is one of the fastest EPP foam planes I have ever flown. The plane tracks straight and true and does exactly what you tell it to do.”

    After 12 months of research, which included 4 prototype models and trying out different airfoils and wing shapes, plus many fun hours of flight testing, we are delighted to present the F20 Tigershark.

    The F20 is a delight to fly, handling is safe and predictable for beginners, yet can be fast with a high roll rate for experienced fliers. And best of all, it looks great!

    The F20 wings and fuselage are EPP, tails are Coroplast and the Ailerons balsa. All the EPP parts are accurately manufactured using computer controlled cutting machines to produce a very accurate and smooth finish. Most of the difficult construction work is done for you; mounting holes are precut in the fuselage for servos, receiver and battery. Tailplane and Fin are die cut.