Monster F-20 ...

  • Wingspan - 59.5"
  • Length - 60"
  • Weight -50oz.
  • Airfoil - JW
  • Radio Needed : 2ch (ailerons,elevator)
  • Wind Needed - 11mph
  • Experienced Builder/all level fliers

    Kit Includes:

  • Computer EPP Wings,& Fuselage
  • Hardware, spars etc

  • Balsa Ailerons

  • Tail Section Plan

  • Limited Instructions

    Items required to complete:
  • 2 Channel Radio Control set or maybe just 2 Servos

  • A few tools; knife, drill & 3M77 Spray Adhesive

  • Batteries for Radio Control, use either Nicads or Dry Cells

  • Lost Model Alarm
  • Solartex or other covering
  • Pushrods and misc. Hardware
  • Materials for Tail Section


  • Monster F-20 Video

    Model and Photo by Patrick McGrath


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    This F-20 is 50% larger than the original and has a wingspan of 59.5"

    It is designed as a kit for experienced builders, by that we mean builders who have built and flown at least a couple of EPP kits. You have to supply material for the tail section and build it from plans. The construction is very similar to the standard F-20 (download manual).

    Its' flying characteristics are very gentle, but fully aerobatic and fast when you have the lift available.

    NEWS:Monster F20 wins award at 2003 PSS fest

    We are happy to say, our demo Monster F20 (built in two weeks) took a fifth place win in the jet division of the 2003 PSS contest at Cajon Pass 5/24/2003.

    There were over 100 airplanes, and all other jet winners were fiberglass planes !!

    Here is the standard F-20 next to the Monster: