Redback RG15 ...

  • Wingspan - 59.6"
  • Length - 35.4"
  • Weight - 26oz.
  • Airfoil - RG15
  • Radio Needed : 2ch (2 micro servo, 1 Std.)
  • Wind Needed - 10mph
  • Level Beginner/Intermediate

    Kit Includes:
  • Computer cut EPP Wings, & Fuselage.

  • All Hardware, spars etc

  • Balsa Ailerons

  • Coroplast V-Tail

  • Bi-Directional Reinforcing tape

  • Color Photo Instruction Manual
  • Carbon Fiber 3 Spar Matrix & Longeron

  • Materials Required:

  • Minimum 2 ch radio (2 micro servos, 1 Std)
  • 3M 77 Adhesive
  • Sharp Knife and Soldering Iron
  • CA and Epoxy Glue
  • Color Tape or Solartex








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    After countless hours flying EPP (Expanded PolyPropylene) combat wings and conventional composite models, we felt that if we could combine the indestructible properties of EPP with the flight characteristics and speed of a 60 inch composite pylon racer, we'd end up with an almost indestructible plane that not only looks good but is predictable, fast, exciting. ....and most of all, easy to build and cheap.

    After months of research, a number of prototypes and hours of test flights, we are finally pleased to announce the release of the Australian designed - REDBACK EPP.

    NEW & IMPROVED !! (click for details)

    The airfoils have been optimized for speed and stability. With a more symmetrical tip, chances of tip stalling is reduced even further without any speed deterioration. The new generation Redbacks are even faster than before. We feel that in order to win races, the model must not only be fast but handle well and have the ability to accelerate out of turns.

    The fuselage is now thinner and sexier whilst maintaining it's rigidity.


    The Redback features a triple taper wing which is cut by a computer controlled foam cutter. The wing consists of a carbon spar matrix which resists flex and twist while keeping the weight down.

    The fuselage is hot-wire cut from EPP and has carbon longerons to provide rigidity and strength. Naturally it conforms to the 60" EPP pylon racing rules where the first 2 inches must be solid EPP.

    The wing is securely mounted on the fuselage with a large nylon bolt and will simply swivel around the bolt in the event of a serious crash.

    Unleaded, she's gentle and flies in light wind ... load her up with ballast and she's as dangerous as a REDBACK spider !!