Focke Wulf TA-152... ..................(shipping now )

  • Wingspan - 60"
  • Wing area 420"
  • Weight - 40oz.
  • Wing Loading 16 oz/ft^2
  • Radio: 2ch
  • Wind Needed - 10mph
  • Level Intermediate/Advanced

    Kit Includes:

  • CNC Cut EPP Wing Cores (R & L)
  • EPP Fuselage, Balsa ailerons
  • Balsa Vertical and Horizontal Stabilizer
  • 3/8 x 1/2 x 36 Basswood Longeron
  • 1/4 x 36 Carbon Fiber Wing Rod
  • 1/8 x 1/2 x 36 Basswood Wing Spar (4x)
  • 1/8 X 1/4 Balsa Cap Strips
  • 1/2 x 30ft Fiberglass Tape    
  • 2-56 x 12 Threaded Rod & Control Horns
  • Detailed Instructions with detail diagrams


    Items required to complete:

    • 5/8" fiber reinforced strapping tape
    • 2" fiber reinforced strapping tape
    • 1/2" plastic hinge tape (3M plastic tape works well)
    • 3M 77 spray adhesive
    • 20 minute epoxy
    • Goop adhesive
    • Covering material (Solartex)
    • Radio w/ 4 cell 600 ma pack
    • Micro servos (3 HS225MG)
    • Micro Receiver (Hitec Super Slim or equivalent)
    • Various tools, sandpaper, wax paper , etc.

    Reno Racer Style

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    The development of the Ta 152 (the Ta stood for Kurt Tank, the designer of this aircraft) came about as the Luftwaffe saw the threat of high-altitude bombers and reconnaissance aircraft which could be fielded by the allies and which would prove difficult, if not impossible, by current Luftwaffe interceptors to engage.

    The TA-152 is classy, classic warbird with a twist....

    It is built for MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE !!

    Just like the original warbirds were built to maximize their performance, this slope soaring/racing warbird is designed to do the same.

    It is fast and manueverable on the frontside of the slope....

    AND....will easily drop to the back of the slope for some high-speed DS action.

    Just like the Electron 60 DS, and the race-proven U2, the TA-152 features a very stiff wing, beefy fuselage, easy to build and did we!!!

    Both of the above planes have been regularly clocked at over 100 MPH. (Now the Ta 152 has as well). Built correctly, you can expect the same high velocity with your TA-152.