1. Redback 60" RG15 Demo Video (EXCITING!! High speed passes,pumps,and Dynamic Soaring -DS)
  2. U2 Dragon Lady Demo Video (Not speeded up, the plane flies this way!!!)
  3. Skua DSing at Vincent, CA (Scott DSing the Skua, very stable)
  4. F-20 Tigershark Bungee Launch Video (fast, great flying by Scott, great ending)
  5. Banshee 60" Norm flying DS (Norm is proving this plane really screams !!)
  6. Grant's P-51 48" Combat Sloper First flying day for the plane and the new slope pilot, Grant
  7. Electron DS (Dynamic Soaring) at Vincent,CA (big round relaxed circles on the backside)
  8. F-20 DS (Dynamic Soaring) at Vincent,CA (I told Scott this plane wouldn't DS, I was wrong)
  9. Eraser 48 Sport Demo Video (excellent fun flying plane,aerobatic, good 1st sloper)
  10. Electron Demo Video (great day at Cajon Pass, DS flying by Norman Mertke)
  11. Wowings Booby (special order) Video (filmed at Peacock Hill -- Riverside,CA)
  12. P39 Airacobra Demo Video (The death spiral near the end even scared me !!)
  13. Monster F20 Demo Video (I love the way this plane looks in the air)
  14. F20 on-board camera Video WILD !! (CAUTION-- Do not watch if prone to Motion Sickness!!)
  15. Aermacchi MB339 Video (first flight of this builder's plane, I test flew it, he videod)
  16. Electron DS (Dynamic Soaring) at Vincent, CA (pilot Austin Williams, one of the best)
  17. Bat 48" by the Ocean (Scott doing some relaxing flying by Carlsbad, CA)
  18. F104 Starfigher (flown in Australia by the designer Stuart Maxwell)
  19. P-51 Mustang (our first demo video, nice flying plane)
  20. Skua in the UK (great flying from this fun plane, best rolling circles by a sloper ever on video!!)
  21. Skua at the lights (The designer - Kye, videotaping using a Head-Cam... amazing!!)
  22. 2003 PSS Fest Cajon Pass (Beautiful collection of planes, great flying day)
  23. Electron DS-60 Super (161 MPH record breakng Dynamic Soaring run by Norm Mertke)
  24. L29 Delphin Jet Flight (Steve taking a lesson in the Czech jet trainer, the real deal!!)

The videos here (except for "f20 first flight"and "pc9 australia") are Windows Media Player videos.

All flying done by Steve Greenfield unless otherwise noted here or on the video. Scott is my son.

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